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University of Auckland Mature Students Association

Member Benefits & Privileges
PostGraduate Lounge
The Post Graduate Lounge is located on Level 4 of the Kate Edgar Information Commons (KEIC), beside Strata Cafe. All financial MSA members may use the Post Graduate Lounge as a study area. There is comfortable seating and several terminals available,  beverages and food may not be brought in. An Access card is required to enter and leave the Lounge. If you desire an Access card, please complete print out this form, complete it and hand in to the PG lounge manager, Jo Malone.
Where: Room 315/291F Club Central Room. In the Campus Life area.

Comment on this space by a member. "Used the PG lounge a lot, awesome space to study or catch up on some snooze :-). "

Mailing List
Member email addresses are added to our email subscription list. Most member notifications about developments and upcoming events are posted on both the Facebook page and the MSA website so fewer personal messages are sent to members.

Facebook Page
Contribute your thoughts on the FB page. Members who would like to arrange coffee meetings to meet other members can post to the FB page and others can reply to set up a mutually suitable time. Interesting lack of response.