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MSA new Executive.

At the annual meeting held today, a new President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected.

Sherie Crosby is the new President, Cherie Gallagher  more

2018 Annual Subs

All members who are coming to the annual meeting need to have paid their 2018 subs in order to vote on proceedings. We do not want anyone to be embarrassed  more

2018 Annual Subs

Time for 2018 subs. You will find all the bank a/c details on the web site in the "How to Join" section.

2018 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the MSA will be held on the 9th March in the PGLounge, 2pm, coffee provided.

Dr John Young will be resigning as President  more

Second semester.

Our new Treasurer, Kathy Lane, has started looking at the finances. She has met up with the Campus Life team and is getting to grips with OrgSync, the  more

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