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University of Auckland Mature Students Association

Student Mentoring Programme
The purpose of the Mentoring Service is to provide assistance to all mature students either New Start or MSA members. The following assistance can be provided:

  • Finding locations around the campus
  • Learning about using the General Library
  • Using the library website to search for reference materials such as Journals etc.
  • Learning about using Canvas
  • Discussion of issues with individual students. In other words, provide a willing ear. Advise such students where they may get help to resolve any of these types of issues.

Students must provide the following when applying for mentoring:
  1. A working contact email.
  2. Their reasons for seeking mentorship.
  3. The required forms (listed at the bottom of the page).

 Convenor of Mentors

Dr John Young.


Mentors - how to find them.

If you are a new New Start student or a new mature student member at the university and would benefit from having a chat about things, you are welcome to contact John Young at phone 445 8086 after 10.00am week days. John is there if you need help at any point during the course or just need some guidance with assignments, discussion about studying at university, or if you just want to talk.

If you can’t reach anybody leave a phone message at New Start phone 923 8100. New Start wants to ensure you get the most out of your university experience right from the beginning.

Mentoring Service

The purpose of the mentoring role is to engender a role model and create a positive social and academic transition for new students and others who may be returning to University after a prolonged absence. Assistance and guidance will be provided to the introduction of the many services the University currently offers all students. These services include Canvas - the University's web-based Learning Management System, the Library, learning research methods, the Student Learning Centre, the Tuakana Programme for Maori and Pacific students, the University Medical and Social Services.

Mentors have the following responsibilities:
  • Be enrolled in a full or part-time course of study at the University of Auckland.
  • Prove to be a strong academic role model.
  • Abide by all University of Auckland policies and procedures
  • Commit to investing time in contacting students, conducting follow-up meetings, completing reports.
  • Attend a fortnightly meeting of mentors to assess work done and address any issues which may arise.
  • Proactively engage with participants to develop and maintain a supportive and caring environment.
  • To exhibit knowledge of campus services and ability to make appropriate referrals.

A Mentor IS a...    A Mentor is NOT a... 
 Role Model 
Professional Academic Advisor
Problem Fixer
Proof Reader

Required Forms:

Mentor Volunteering

Apply for a Mentor's Help