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University of Auckland Mature Students Association

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Welcome to the Mature Students Association

Our purpose is to provide support, raise awareness of issues and concerns, and encourage friendship and networking for Mature Students.

We invite Students to join as members and to become involved with other Mature Students. Please left-click the 'About Us' tab then the 'How to Join' tab, or left-clicking this Link, if you wish to join.

A Mentoring Service is now available. Please left-click the 'Mentors' button for more information.

If you seek information regarding New Start, please left-click on the link labelled 'New Start Webpage' near the top centre-left of the screen, or left-click the 'New Start' Button.
Jennie Oakley on TV3
Terminals in the PG Lounge

Sherie has contributed this news.  "For those who like to use the PG Lounge at Kate Edgar, note this: "The four PCs installed in the PG Lounge are due for replacement in the coming... more

Mar 20, 2017 at 03:56 p.m., Pat Northey
2017 MSA Subs

Hi everyone, Now is the time to pay 2017 subs. The swipe cards cut off in December. Once the Semester starts the card needs renewal. The Bank details are on the web site under the tab "how to... more

Mar 14, 2017 at 11:30 a.m., Pat Northey
There are no further events scheduled for this month.